Thursday, September 28, 2017

Studio Art: Shanti Peace Poster Contest

In Studio Art we are working on creating designs for the 2017 Shantil Peace Poster contest/  Each student should create a 8"x10' poster for the contest, the theme is PEACE AND NATURE and you are free to use quotes from people such as Gandhi and/or Martin Luther King if you wish. We will begin by creating thumbnails and I'll discuss your concepts with you and give you suggestions then we will work in mixed media to create the poster in landscape view.  Each grade level has prizes and finalists may be considered for inclusion in the 2018 Shanti Calendar.  The poster above was created by Ilysa from AP Art class for this year's competition and here's a link to the some winning Smithtown designs from past years: 2011 Peace Poster.  The final poster design will be due on Wednesday and we will critique the results in class.

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