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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Studio Art: Sketching with watercolor

In studio art this week we are working on sketching.  We'll begin like I do with a quick warm-up like the zentangle above that I created on hall duty and then we'll start sketching the room.  You should draw 10 sketches from scenes around the room that aren't setup and well be working with pen, pencil, and watercolor.  Here's the basics: you're free to look around and create 6 sketches on tour own but 4 sketches should be standard- one should include a person, 2 should be created with watercolor first, and the last sketch should be of my film library behind my desk.  I'll grade all 10 sketches on Friday.

Here's an example of a sketch I was drawing in study hall that shows you my process but every artist works differently so you're free to experiment with some of the different techniques.  Additionally each table will get a brand new set of watercolors that the table is responsible for along with new sable brushes for each student that you'll use throughout the year.  Write you name on your brush and make sure you put it back in your shelf with your sketchbook each day because if you lose it you'll have to replace it!

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