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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drawing: Illustration Friday- Silence

In Drawing class we are currently working on our Illustration Friday work with the theme of "Silence".  My example is above and if you want to take the extra step and use social media to post your work online here's a link to how it works.  The advantage to linking your work to the website to to get some real life feedback from professional illustrators and artists which although it might be intimidating at first, its really useful!

Take a look at the statement below from Illustration Friday which gives an idea of the spirit of the critique:

The Illustration Friday community is a supportive, friendly place to view artwork and meet other illustrators, doodlers and creative people online. We have participants from all countries, backgrounds and age groups. We ask that your illustration submissions be mindful of this. Please post nothing that you wouldn't want your mother to see.

If you need help with the posting process I'll be available today after school at during the Art Honor Society and Media Art Honor Society meetings where we'll be discussing: volunteering at the Hamptons Film Festival, Homecoming, NY Comic Con, Safe Halloween, and our fall field trip to MoMA.

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