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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Studio Art: Flextangles

In Studio Art we will be working on our first 3D STEAM project, creating kaleidoscopic, hand-drawn Flextangles.  The first step is to sketch out your idea in your sketchbook because the design shouldtransform in an interesting way through the 4 different sides..Next grad a Flextangle template from my desk (it is also in the assignment drive or here onlineand we will draw out the Flextangle in pencil then color or shade it.  The completed Flextangle should have 4 separate lines of images that correspond like a kaleidoscope.  Finally we will fold and construct them as 3D objects in class.  The final product will be due on Monday Feb 5.  Above is an example of what they should look like and below is a video showing how they work from Babble Dabble Do.

Here is a demonstration that I created in class using street art I photographed in Brooklyn.  As you can see below the sections need to correspond to work properly as a 3D object.
Each student should use ORIGINAL drawings to create a creative flextangle one layer at a time. When you are finished be sure to add your name in as well.

The demonstration I made in class using photographs of street art that I took at 5 Pointz in Queens can be seen above, think of a fun and interesting way that you can design a flextangle that reflects your interests!

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