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Monday, April 19, 2021

The First Flight of the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

 A red-letter day on the Red Planet! #MarsHelicopter pic.twitter.com/Qow8JwhYEo

The Mars Ingenuity Helicopter took it's first flight early this morning at 3:30am and made flight history as the first powered flight on another planet. Here are some of the early results and we'll take a look at the footage from the Mars Rover when it is received later this week. It is a very historic moment in flight history and may likely opens the doors to many new possibilities in exploring space in the future.

Here's a ew of my favorite Infographics students created last moth to share information about the achievement, I'll be sharing them out on social media today. 

We had shared some terrific infographics after we completed the assignment in March for National Robotics Week that you can see on my twitter feed below.

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