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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Studio Art: Creative Sport Card Design

In Studio Art we will work on a Creative Sport Card Design project this week which will be the first grade for the 4th quarter. We will view examples from Topps 70, a series of baseball cards designed by a number of diverse creative artists and designers from contemporary artists like Futura and Pose (both can be seen below) as well as Alex Pardee and Ron English to musicians like Action Bronson and Snoop Dogg to Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Topps sports cards. 

We will digitally design sports cards based on any player (local or professional) from any sport or Topps set that incorporate a similar creative, original style. Our first step will be drawing out 3 small, color thumbnails to figure out the design then use a variety of traditional and digital tools to create a creative sports card.

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