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Friday, April 24, 2015

Extra Credit: Looking into Smithtown’s Past & Young Arts

Today is the final day to submit work to Looking into Smithtown’s Past so make sure you email your entries if you haven't already and cc me for extra credit!  You must include 5 selfies (1 each from locations listed in the information below) and a final photograph or drawing which will be entry.  A number of Smithtown East students should be represented because it's a Smithtown centered project!

Entry Deadline: April 24, 2015
Exhibition Dates May 23 – June 16 at the Mills Pond House Gallery.

Cash prizes will be awarded:  $500 for 1st Place, $350 for 2nd Place, and $150 for 3rd Place. Winning entries will be featured in Smithtown News.

For more information see STAC's website here: Looking into Smithtown’s Past

The Young Arts contest just opened up for this year so any non-senior students can begin to enter.  Each year, there are approximately 11,000 applications to YoungArts from 15-18 year old (or grades 10-12) artists, and from these, approximately 800 winners are selected.  To date, YoungArts has honored more than 20,000 alumni, including Doug Aitken, Josh Groban, Jenji Kohan, Desmond Richardson and Kerry Washington, with over $12 million in monetary awards; facilitated in excess of $60 million in college scholarship opportunities in the past two years; and enabled its participants to work with master teachers who are among the most distinguished artists in the world, such as Marina Abramović, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Plácido Domingo, Zaha Hadid, Robert Redford and Bruce Weber.

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