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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Digital Media: Augmented Reality Gallery with Aurasma

In Digital Media we are progressing with our use of Augmented Reality to create a Gallery of images that come alive with Aurasma.  Today we will create our first triggers in class and later this week each student will create 3 Augmented Reality images featuring the themes below:

  • National Poetry Month- Digital Poet Drawing/Digital Haiku
  • Nature- Digital Photograph/Serene Digital Video
  • Timelapse- Digital Photograph or Drawing/ Hyperlapse Digital Video
All 3 trigger images should be printed and presented for the gallery by the end of class of Friday.  Above is a short demonstration of how to effectively use the Aurasma app.  Here's a link to the AR art of Stu Campbell who does some amazing work with AR as you can see below!

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