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Monday, May 15, 2017

Studio Art: Creating and designing a Dunny

Today we will learn about a new street artist, Tristan Eaton, and his creation the Dunny.  We are each going to design a unique Dunny then sculpt and paint it.  today we will look at a variety of different artists designs and look at examples from Kid Robot's collections.  The example above is by artist Tara McPherson.

Street artists who we've learned about like OBEY (example shown above) and Ron English (example shown below) have created popular Dunny's.

Artists like Jon Burgerman, who we worked with last year on our Earth Day mural, also have created a number of different Dunny designs like the example below.
So we are going to begin by sketching out ideas the sculpting the Dunny using a 3D printed mold created in my digital media class.

There is a huge variety in Dunny style and modifications so we really want to find a creative and unique approach and those elements will feature heavily in the grade.

The we will paint the Dunny and create any necessary accessories- look at the professional example below by artist SEKURE D.
After learning about the basics we will start sketching out ideas and coloring them, this part of the process is due on Wednesday.

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