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Thursday, September 18, 2014

AP Art: The Artist Project

In AP Art class we are beginning The Artist Project in which I assign each member of the class two artists to research who I feel have some commonality to the work you have been creating and you're responsible for researching each artist and creating a short presentation with 10 full size images and a short biography with sources.  Below is the list of artists and the presentations are due on Wednesday:

Andrew: Eric Fischl & Xu Bing
Paige: Francisco Goya & Käthe Kollwitz
Juliana: Donald Baechler & Lauren Greenfield
Mikenzie: Sigmar Polke & Ai Weiwei
Christian: Sebastião Salgado & William Eggleston
Troy: David LaChapelle & Billy Kidd
Rose: Tara McPherson & Marilyn Minter
MacKenzie: Barry McGee & Kimsooja
Morgan: Yayoi Kusama & Mona Hatoum
Samantha: Louise Bourgeois & Peter Beard
Bella: Cindy Sherman & Barbara Kruger
Cassandra: Chuck Close & Alphonse Mucha
Kristin: Gustov Klimt & Henri Cartier-Bresson

Mr.Needles: Robert Rauschenberg & Daniel Danger
TA: Swoon & Wayne White

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