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Friday, September 12, 2014

AP: New technique week

In AP art we completed reviewing the summer assignments and went over the first assignment of the class which is to draw or paint on a 3D surface.  The video below from Soul Pancake shows artist Cheeming Boey a great example of this technique but you can find it all through art history back to the beginning cave paintings.  The final piece is due on Wednesday in class.  If you want to see more of Boey's work check out his cup collection and his website iamboey.com

In addition to Boey's work we looked at work from artist Audrey Kawasaki who often works on wood, check out the video of her working below:

We also started "New Technique Week" in which we'll learn a new advanced art technique every day for a week.  Today we experimented with open paint and yesterday we learned how to transfer photographs.  Above is part of the demo that I did in class and on Thursday each student will chose one or two of the techniques and incorporate them into a new piece.

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