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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Digital Media: Shanti Peace Poster

In Digital Media class we are beginning work today on our first project the Shanti Peace Poster.  Above is a great example of a good peace poster from the Holstee design lab in Brooklyn.  We'll start by learning a little bit more about Photoshop and then we'll start creating images and researching quotes and symbols of peace.

Before we begin we'll look a bit at what makes good design in a poster such as this and look at some examples below that are clever and original and clearly express ideas of peace.  We'll look at the artists below and do a little bit of research of symbols associated with peaces and some design basics.

Next we will begin to think of designs visually using 3-5 small thumbnail drawings such as the example I created below.  This is a designers visual entrance into the creative process- small quick sketches which give a sense of what the final design might look like and how it might be best composed.

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