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Monday, May 16, 2016

Studio Art: Every Day Drawing Challenge Extra Credit

In Studio Art this month's extra credit assignment will be to join in on the #k12artchat daily drawing challenge.  Below are the daily prompts and you can share them on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #k12artchat along with #eddc (every day drawing challenge) and tagging me in the image

May 15   #164         Draw a camera
May 16   #176         Draw something summer
May 17   #179         Draw an onion
May 18   #184        Draw a park bench or other outside bench
May 19   #199        Draw a toe
May 20  #207        Draw a shell
May 21   #215         Draw your thumb
May 22   #226        Draw a screw
May 23   #246        Draw some gloves
May 24   #253        Draw your socks
May 25   #283        Draw something shiny
May 26   #295        Draw some toast
May 27   #314         Draw something with a knob
May 28   #343        Draw a bridge
May 29   #348        Draw some things that remind you of your favorite song
May 30  #349         Draw an illustration of your favorite poem
May 31   #355         Draw something in a jar

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