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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Media: The PSA Project

Here's a great short PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Columbia University's Water Center and the Global Citizens which explains the pretty frightening situation we are heading towards with water consumption.

This year we'll be creating our own PSA as part of the Going Global project with classes in Japan and India so it's important to look at a concise and effective example such as this for insight on how it shares information without overwhelming the audience leading to better comprehension and retention.

Our PSA will be on an issue some of you may know well, bullying.  I was a bit surprised in this summer's conference to see it was an big issue globally with many of the same symptoms so we'll be talking with the students around the world and looking at what the commonalities and differences are then brainstorming ideas for our own PSA.  We'll start today by asking everyone in class to write a short paragraph on what they think "bullying" is and how it's dealt with positively and/or negatively.

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