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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Photography: Looking with a new eye

This week in photography we are photographing the school from a new perspective with an emphasis on detail and looking at what's often overlooked.  Students should take at least 20 photos around school (some of which we take in class) and edit the best 9 together into a collage like the demo I did above.  We are going to use Adobe Photoshop to edit and combine the photos together with our new keyboards shortcut "Annoying Contemporary Vampires" along with other tricks we will go over in class.

The school days collage is due at the end of the class on Friday along with the extra credit (if you choose to do it) which is a spin off from last week's assignment pictured above.  These self portraits are from Sophia, Alix, Irene, and Nick.  The assignment is from IG photographer Josh Johnson's #JJ weekly challenge and it asks for a great black and white portrait which can be tagged @TimNeedles #needlesclass and #jj_forum_0685 on Instagram or uploaded into the public drive by the end of class on Friday.

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