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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Studio Art: Japan Society’s Going Global Social Networking Project

Today in Studio Art we will begin working on the Japan Society’s Going Global Social Networking Project with classes from Tokyo, Japan and Karachi, Pakistan.  I had a chance to meet all the global educators this summer at a conference and above I am pictured with the teacher of the class in Pakistan Iram Sadiq who we'll be interacting with shortly.

Before we begin its important to understand a bit of the different culture and environment of these to give us some context for understanding so I designed and began putting together a short, simple game which asks questions about the countries, states, cities, towns, and schools of the participating classes. 

Above is an image of 6 of the facts that I included now it's your turn to do some research and contribute to the game before we play it.  Each student will go online and research the given locals to find an interesting fact which will be added to the game (try to think of what might be interesting about your hometown, state, or country to someone who has never seen it or been there).  Next week we'll load the questions into the game along with the facts collected from the other classes then play it.

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