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Monday, February 23, 2015

Studio Art: James Victore Day

Today we are looking at the work of designer James Victore in studio art and AP studio art class.  He has created some unique and impactful design work  which has been shown in some of the biggest museums from MoMA to the Louvre and his spirit and style is terrific.

Studio art- we are going to use his recent collaboration with Holstee as inspiration to create our own individual daily affirmation or reminder.  I will have media such as ink, tape, paper, paint, and pens available but as James himself states there ain't no rules and it's a reminder for you so make it personal and create it in a way that reflects you.

Remember this design is not about being neat and pretty or sloppy and loose for that matter, it's about you- what do you want and how do you communicate it best to yourself?

AP Studio art- we are going to use his recent Creative Live online class as a jump off point.  I watched the majority of the sessions and in it he challenged students to create a design after being given a word and a handicap.  We'll look at some of his work and words and then I'll give each of you a word paired with a media handicap!

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