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Monday, October 24, 2011

AP Art Research Artists

Here's the list of artists which are represented in our first artist research project of the year. Each AP art student has been assigned two artists that relate to their work in some way and should research these artists creating a slideshow of information with at least 10 images of their artwork.

1.Andrew Wyeth
2.Andy Goldsworthy
3.Ashley Wood
5.Chuck Close
6.Claeus Oldenburg
7.Damien Hirst
8.Egon Schiele
9.Francis Bacon
10.Gregory Crewdson
11.H.R. Giger
12.Henri Matisse
13.Hieronymus Bosch
14.Janet Fish
15.Jasper Johns
16.Jeff Koons
17.Jenny Saville
18.Julia Margaret Cameron
19.Katsushika Hokusai
20.Keith Haring
21.Lauri Anderson
22.Marilyn Minter
23.Michelle White
24.Mr Brainwash
25.Paul Klee
26.Richard Avedon
27.Robert Rauschenberg
28.Romaine Brooks
29.Shepard Fairey
30.Starn Brothers
31.Takashi Murakami
32.Ralph Steadman
33.Ai Weiwei

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