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Sunday, September 30, 2007

back from boston/salem

hey!!! sorry im posting now but i literrally came home and downloaded pictures from my camera!!! im completely in love with salem and boston was really nice too.
yeaa so im in boston and there happens to be this crazy guy juggling on top of this giant stand 8 ft. up in the air. and he juggled red balls.. and knifes. so i felt this was a sign from above that i didnt need to draw my hwk assignments this week!!! and you know knifes were more hxc than the classic red balls. soo !
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yeaa and another a is for ARBOUR
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and just one of my favorite pictures from the trip.. i got extremely bored during the 6 hour car ride home.. and these migrating birds caught my attention
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Friday, September 28, 2007


I felt like taking a break from my usual realistic drawings and go for something for design based with black and white (sharpies)


A is for

Attitude ....

Thursday, September 27, 2007


A is for: alone/afraid

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A is for.... + Juggle

Someone went on Youtube in Gessler's class 2nd period and looked up sharks jumping and attacking seals :3 They juggle with their teeth don'tcha know.

A is for Ambystoma tigrinum! They go 'rawr' and 'rofl' lots.

A is for...

"We saw the countess from the midst of the gloom. Small
and fragile-looking, she wielded a small dagger, its
blade red from the blood of her prey. I couldn't move -
to think she would turn on us like that!
I looked at Lucius, his face pale in fright of the
monster approaching us with death in her eyes. As
her wavy locks of black hair bounced and curled over
her now pointed, bat ears, I knew my young companion's
thoughts. She had been Lady Truman and he still loved
her as if her canines hadn't elongated into the
pointed daggers they were now.
"Can't be..." he murmured, still in awe as her
small feet graced the mansion tile floor. Her eyes shone
an icy blue and her dark, dead lips curled into a devilish
grin I will never forget. It's for that one night I don't
trust those that call themselves an... ARISTOCRAT. "
Just in case anyone wanted to know what it says behind her - yes, I wrote it, I didn't take it from anywhere. *is now thinking of writing a story with this vamp* Anyway, it's an aristocratic vampire...that's what A is for! >o<

'A' is for...

Aaron Gillespie of the Almost!
I saw this band at the Crazy Donkey a few days before school started.

"A" is for...

Okay, so I took too long on the face and had to rush the background, which came out like crap, and didn't even get around to the window scene, so i stole it from Google. But this is only because I DON'T CARE (Get it? Apathy! Come on people, this is comic gold!

A is for... Addiction

Thursday, September 20, 2007

a is forr...

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AHAH and umm aerosmith!! was amazing so i figured it started with an a i should put it up there. even though my seats prevented me from getting a really good picture =/
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Monday, September 17, 2007

a "regular" day at the beach (late, sorry)

it's gonna be too cold to go soon =(
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I screwed up the resolution on this one so it's tiny >_<

Sunday, September 16, 2007

transform (very late) and regular (also late)

so sorry these are both late, i finally figured out my new computer at least!




I just got a new computer (macbook pro it's AWESOME) and my new printer/scanner i have yet to figure out yet i'll post it as soon as i figure it out!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Was working on writing college essay instead of working on art homework D: Shame on me.
But now I know my tablet still works and photoshop doesn't hate me anymore :D


sorry it's late, needles. i almost forgot there was one assignment left

vombie business man!

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i was finsihing up 1984 this break and i was thinking about big brother and how everyone was like a thoughtless vombie kinda lke frankenstein!


Friday, September 14, 2007


More tabletness. I swear I'll start trying harder once the year gets into full swing

What Is "Regular?"

I had some difficulty trying to figure out what it was I was going to do for this assignment so I started thinking about what makes me "regular." I then decided what makes everyone else "regular" in that we're the same... I realized then that there is no such thing as a universal "regular" or normal for anybody, that what one person views as regular/normal, might be new and different to someone else. So I decided to go with two opposite ideas of what might be regular for different individuals.


I didnt really know what i was going to do for this assignment, so i starting thinking of what make me "regular." A bed to sleep in, comfortable living, so then i decided to do my anti regularr. Someone who has to worry from meal to meal and where to sleep at night:
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This Poor Sap's Regular Day

As the title suggests. o.o

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


If Kim can pull off markers, than I declare that so can I!I knew someone else would think of transformers (thank you, Jess), so I took the slightly less obvious route: THE POWER RANGERS MEGAZORD!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007



Yeah...it's not late. It's fashionably late.

And it's a dragon 'transforming into magma' or the other way around.


Sorry, I didn't post on date.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


A little late but here it is.
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I transformed the front left wheel of my car from normal and functioning to broken and totally screwed up. Yeah....


oops sorry this one's a little late, i did it thursday and took a picture of it...and then never uploaded it...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jinchurriki TRANSFORM!

This theme was gonna be fanart and so here it is.
Naruto and Gaara transforming into their Bijuu (demon-things). Charas by Kishimoto-san! ^^

Friday, September 7, 2007



Transform (origami)


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


hmm..what a strange cave.

It was difficult photographing this one because it's so long and narrow. It's clearer in person.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Visitors and then some

My digital camera has not failed me like the rest of my computer has :D And sorry about the images being blurry n' huge. I won't have Photshop to help me edit stuff for a while ;-;

Everyone loves these visitors in their kitchen. Was lazy drawing this >3

My monster pic. It's a Naruto fan character of mine and unless you know the show well you wouldn't be able to understand any explanation for using her in this picture for the monster theme-thing.

I've taken an interest in combining animals x3 This is an Arctic fox combined with a Belted Kingfisher (the wings and coloration are the kingfisher part of it). Added in the eye patch after not being able to draw the other eye all too well.

My song pic. The song is called Shiroi Ryuu (White Dragon) and is from the film Spirited Away.

My lazy cat, Moonbeam :3

I always found it way too time-consuming drawing my model of a Gogulas Giga (huzzah for Zoids!)

Updated version of a sketch from 9th grade. I fail at drawing horse-like creatures xD


Thanks to all of you that posted assignment 7! To anyone who hasn't remember it's due tomorrow because I extended the due date for the holiday. I'll be seeing you all on Wednesday. The first day of classes is shortened due to homerooms so we'll just have a brief introduction. Please bring in all of your summer assignments for Thursday. (also Assignment 8 is due Friday)

Also to all the AP art alumni out there- I hope you are enjoying your first weeks of college! There is a new blog which you are now invited to join (http://needlesualumni.blogspot.com/) so let me know if you want to use a different email. I will be taking you all off of this blog next week but you are still welcome to comment on the students work. Good luck!

Mr. Needles

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My "Visitors"

K, this is my pic for "Visitors" done in water color, done in 2 hours. These are Chinstrap Penguins and they frequently visit South America, so I figured they'd be a perfect candidate to show in a tropical area as penguins. =3
I wanted to make the scenery much "bigger" I guess you could say, than the focus-subjects, to show that they really are visitors, and they don't permanately "belong" there. =3
Done...not workin' on it anymore, at least not until my landscape is done. Speaking of which, if it hasn't been answered yet, I'd like to know if we're supposed to bring all the summer assignments on Wednesday (as well as this blog-pic)


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I was drawing little kids with my friend the other night, so when I saw visitors I thought of a little kid having a bad dream and going to mommy. Interpret it how you want to.
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This is what I did for the song assignment.
Can't wait for school to start! Or can I? :]

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