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Sunday, September 30, 2007

back from boston/salem

hey!!! sorry im posting now but i literrally came home and downloaded pictures from my camera!!! im completely in love with salem and boston was really nice too.
yeaa so im in boston and there happens to be this crazy guy juggling on top of this giant stand 8 ft. up in the air. and he juggled red balls.. and knifes. so i felt this was a sign from above that i didnt need to draw my hwk assignments this week!!! and you know knifes were more hxc than the classic red balls. soo !
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yeaa and another a is for ARBOUR
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and just one of my favorite pictures from the trip.. i got extremely bored during the 6 hour car ride home.. and these migrating birds caught my attention
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Needlesville, N.Y. said...

Nice photos, weird to run into a juggler on your trip? Cool stuff!

Alexa Cipollina said...

ahahhaah . yeaa how weird is that. idk i dont normally see jugglers.. but its boston so who knows wats normal there!! thank you

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