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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A is for...

"We saw the countess from the midst of the gloom. Small
and fragile-looking, she wielded a small dagger, its
blade red from the blood of her prey. I couldn't move -
to think she would turn on us like that!
I looked at Lucius, his face pale in fright of the
monster approaching us with death in her eyes. As
her wavy locks of black hair bounced and curled over
her now pointed, bat ears, I knew my young companion's
thoughts. She had been Lady Truman and he still loved
her as if her canines hadn't elongated into the
pointed daggers they were now.
"Can't be..." he murmured, still in awe as her
small feet graced the mansion tile floor. Her eyes shone
an icy blue and her dark, dead lips curled into a devilish
grin I will never forget. It's for that one night I don't
trust those that call themselves an... ARISTOCRAT. "
Just in case anyone wanted to know what it says behind her - yes, I wrote it, I didn't take it from anywhere. *is now thinking of writing a story with this vamp* Anyway, it's an aristocratic vampire...that's what A is for! >o<

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Brian said...

haha - awesome pic...
funny to frame it as an aristocrat... lol

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