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Monday, September 3, 2007

Visitors and then some

My digital camera has not failed me like the rest of my computer has :D And sorry about the images being blurry n' huge. I won't have Photshop to help me edit stuff for a while ;-;

Everyone loves these visitors in their kitchen. Was lazy drawing this >3

My monster pic. It's a Naruto fan character of mine and unless you know the show well you wouldn't be able to understand any explanation for using her in this picture for the monster theme-thing.

I've taken an interest in combining animals x3 This is an Arctic fox combined with a Belted Kingfisher (the wings and coloration are the kingfisher part of it). Added in the eye patch after not being able to draw the other eye all too well.

My song pic. The song is called Shiroi Ryuu (White Dragon) and is from the film Spirited Away.

My lazy cat, Moonbeam :3

I always found it way too time-consuming drawing my model of a Gogulas Giga (huzzah for Zoids!)

Updated version of a sketch from 9th grade. I fail at drawing horse-like creatures xD

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