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Monday, September 3, 2007


Thanks to all of you that posted assignment 7! To anyone who hasn't remember it's due tomorrow because I extended the due date for the holiday. I'll be seeing you all on Wednesday. The first day of classes is shortened due to homerooms so we'll just have a brief introduction. Please bring in all of your summer assignments for Thursday. (also Assignment 8 is due Friday)

Also to all the AP art alumni out there- I hope you are enjoying your first weeks of college! There is a new blog which you are now invited to join (http://needlesualumni.blogspot.com/) so let me know if you want to use a different email. I will be taking you all off of this blog next week but you are still welcome to comment on the students work. Good luck!

Mr. Needles

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Anonymous said...

i never got an email!

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