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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Studio Art: Contemporary Artist Research Project

In Studio Art we are working on researching and presenting our contemporary art research projects on the artists below. There will be assessments on the learning the week we return from break and the projects themselves are due today with a cover page featuring an image of the artist and your name, 10 important facts and 10 large images along with a bibliography.

Nikitha- Aakash Nihalani
Emily- Jon Burgerman
Andrea- Jay Ryan
Anthony- Felice Varini
Sophia- Mark Ryden
Madison- Sol LeWitt
Eliana- Anish Kapoor
Nicholas- Ron English
Felicity- Richard Serra
Brian- Walter De Maria
Audrey- Tara McPherson
Brandon- Joshua Harker
Joseph- Michael Heizer
Matthew- Robert Smithson
Nicolette- Andy Goldsworthy
Brody- L'Amour Supreme
Erin- Theo Jansen
Peter- Shepard Fairey
Justin- Daniel Arsham
Andrew- Kumi Yamashita
Umair- Guy Laramee
Gabrielle- Dima Drjuchin
Sydney- Alexander Calder
Meagan- Anthony Howe
Lucas- Shirin Abedinirad
Brittany- Esao Andrews
Claire- Bruce Munro
Needles- David Salle

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