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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Studio Art: Marilyn Minter

This week in Studio Art we will be taking our midterm which includes the artists we learned about in out art history unit so I thought it was fitting to share some photographs from the Marilyn Minter exhibition I attended this weekend.  We learned about Minter's work in our unit and you might remember that she was my painting instructor in college but seeing some of the newer works up close was really interesting.  

The Brooklyn Museum show was a retrospective and some of the work is NSFW but here's a few pieces that reference what we learned about in class and you might enjoy.  There's also some great insights into her process with images of the grids, colors, and palettes she used.

Below is an image with a reflection of the light on a painting in which you can see the fingerprints from the final layering of enamel paint.

Finally don't forget to study the quizlet studio art material tonight for our in class midterm tomorrow!

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