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Monday, October 30, 2017

AP Art: Artist Research Project

this week we will work on our AP Art: Artist Research Projects in class I selected 2 artists for eact student who in some way connect to the work I've seen,  Below are the instructions:

Create presentations using Google Slide with a cover slide featuring the artist's image, a page of 20 bulleted (and interesting/relevant) facts from the artist's biography with sources, and 20 full size images of their work.  

Below is the master list of artists.  After the research and presentation you should create a piece inspired by anything you learned about either or both of the artists.  We will share the presentations on Wednesday and have a short test on all of them on Friday.

  1. Danielle- Liu Bolin & Andrew Wyeth
  2. Ilysa- David Hockney & Janet Fish/John Baldessari

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