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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Studio Art: Artist Research Project

This week in Studio Art class we are working on our Artist Research Project.  The Google Slide presentation should be completed by the beginning of class on Wednesday and contain the following:

  • Cover page with artist, image of artist, name/class/year
  • Birth/death date with 10 bulleted facts about the artist & link to where you got the bio info
  • 10 full size, full page images of the artist's work
Once the Google Slide presentation is complete each student should create a piece of art in any media in their sketchbook inspired by the artist they researched.  This should not be a copy of their work but it should take something about the artist's work that interests you and use that in the piece.  The example above of Banksy's Keith Haring inspired work might be a good example!

  1. Malakhi- Andy Warhol
  2. Heath- Banksy
  3. Matthew M- René Magritte
  4. John D- Christo
  5. Payton- Chuck Close
  6. Carly- Claude Monet
  7. Justin- Liu Bolin
  8. Olivia- Pablo Picasso
  9. Julianna- Frida Kahlo
  10. Krishna- Salvador Dalí
  11. Frank- MC Escher
  12. Annalyse- Vincent Van Gogh
  13. Jessica- Yayoi Kusama
  14. Kevin- Andrew Wyeth
  15. Dan- Ai Weiwei
  16. Stephanie- Piet Mondrian
  17. Kyrsten- Barbara Kruger
  18. Emily- Swoon
  19. Kaylee- Wayne White
  20. Needles- Alphonse Mucha

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