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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Painting: Vans Custom Culture Contest

Today in Painting class we will be working on creating designs for the 2018 Vans Custom Culture Contest.  Above is our four shoe designs that were entered last year that were created by Anna, Luke, Ilysa, Emily, Jillian, Adelaide, and Sarah.  We also entered the poster design below which was created by Jon.
The contest this year has new rules and themes so each student should create a design on a template for the two themes: OFF THE WALL & LOCAL FLAVOR in color.  You can add any elements to the shoe you wish (they don't need to be wearable) but can't include any copyrighted materials like logos.
Image result for vans Custom Culture Contest 2017
The 2 designs will be due on Monday when we will vote for our favorites to submit to the first round.  If we are one of the 500 schools chosen as finalists we will once again get the free shoes that we must paint and create the final designs.  There are a number of great prizes, see the link above for more information.  Above is the winning designs from last year and below is a look at previous finalists creating their designs:

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