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Friday, October 5, 2018

Rewire Conference

Friday and Saturday I was out in New Jersey attending the Rewire Conference where I was also a featured presenter.  I had the chance to share some of the creative mindfulness techniques we do in class with teachers from around the world!  Below are some of the resources that I shared.
In addition to those resources I mentioned a number of other tools, ideas, and apps that might be useful in the 5 sessions that I presented so below are some of those resources:

Choir! Choir! Choir!- Canadian open musical choir
Japan Society- Educational Study Tour
1SE app- 1 Second Everyday Video App
Morphi- 3D design & printing app/program
Improv exercises- improv encyclopedia

And here are some of my arts integration resources that I touched on in the sessions:

Arts Integration: Engaging with Creativity

It was a fantastic educational experience and I had a chance to connect with many terrific educators over the weekend.  The experience at Rewire was amazing and I credit that to the people as the organizers, presenters, and attendees all brought a enthusiasm and excitement which remained present all weekend!
I also had a chance to attend some great sessions including Don Wettrick's talk on his work with Genius Hour and here are some of my sketchnotes from his talk.
Thanks to Glen Robbins and Barry Saide as well as the OnCourse K12 Systems and everyone at Tabernacle Schools for all the help and art teacher Mrs. Bartleson, whose room I occupied for the weekend!

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