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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Photography: National Geographic Photographers

In Photography we are researching some famed National Geographic Photographers this week to prepare for out November Photo Story assignment. Each student has been assigned a well-known photographer who's worked with Nat Geo and we'll learn about them together.

Google Slide presentation should include: Cover page with artist, image of artist, name/class/year Birth/death date along with 10 bullet-ed facts about the artist & link to where you got the bio info 10 (large) full size, full page images of the artist's work (1 image per slide) Antonio B- Joel Sartore Kayleigh B- Bob Sasha Jr Abigail C- Ami Vitale Adam C- Ira Block Brynn F- Michael Yamashita Kathryn G- Erika Larsen Payton H- William Albert Allard Abigail H- Paul Nicklen Lauren K- Sisse Brimberg Madison L- Jodi Cobb Ryan M- Michael Nichols Nicolas M- Stephen Alvarez Christina M- Steve McCurry Mahir M- Sam Abell Andrew P John Stanmeyer Willow P- Maggie Steber Kailee R- Sarah Leen Mikaela R- David Doubilet

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