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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Dia Gallery Talk: Artist Sam Gilliam


The DIA Art Center is offering a free gallery talk today on the color field painter and lyrical abstractionist artist Sam Gilliam. The talk is Live on ZOOM at 12pm today and requires registration hereHe works on stretched, draped and wrapped canvas, and adds sculptural 3D elements. He is recognized as the first artist to introduce the idea of a draped, painted canvas hanging without stretcher bars around 1965.

One of his notable works entitle Blue from 1991 (pictured below) can be found in the Jamaica train station here on Long Island (if you haven't been there yet odds are that you will one day).

at the age of 87 Gilliam is still creating work and "trying to express something that is contemporary" such as these new works from Pace gallery below.

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