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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Film: Storytelling as a basis for short films

In class we've been learning some of the basics of storytelling and we looked at The Moth's Story Map which helps identify the different parts of a story: 

  1. The World As It Was... What do we need to know about you to understand this story?
  2.  And Then One Day… What happens to set the story in motion?
  3.  Raising the Stakes... What do you have to win or lose? What matters to you and why?
  4. The Moment of Change... What happens that changes how you see things?
  5. The World As It Is Now... How are you different after the events of this story? 
Today we'll be taking our stories and examining the structure based on the map and we'll look at a few examples of stories that were told an turned into short films like the example above from This American Life.

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