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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Digital Media: Final Choice Project

In Digital Media we begin work on the Final Choice Project today! Last week we reviewed the research projects and explored our final project together so you should have submitted a proposal on a Google Doc for what you would like to do and what you timeline would be for doing it. Is there something you would like to explore further? Above is an example of Angelina's animation from out OKgo animated music video which turned out amazing. 

The final project should be completed by June 15 so make sure you have ample time to finish what you are setting out to do. Below are some of the possibilities but you can propose something else as well:

  • Classic Construction, Cardboard, and Upcycling
  • Film, Video & Animation
  • Web Design, Social Media & Podcasting
  • Coding, App Design & Video Game Design
  • Digital Drawing & Design 
  • 3D Design, Printing and Construction
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

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