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Monday, April 28, 2014

Media Art: Pakistan videoconference 4

Tomorrow we will hold our 4th video conference with the class is Islamabad Pakistan and we will be presenting the aspects of our public service announcement that we have created and having a 30 minute debate on a foreign relation issue of your choice.  Here's a quick look at the history of our relations for your reference: US-Pakistan foreign relations but any global issue effecting both countries can be debated such as: economy, environment, energy, free speech, ect.  Take a look online for more ideas, here's a link to get you started- Pew Foreign Policy and Global Attitudes.  Below is the format for the debate but we will be working on it in class today and preparing using some Internet and global resources.

(20-30 minutes)
OPENING STATEMENTS: 1 minute per team
Each team (up to 4) presents their opening statement, which includes their position on the debate prompt and an overview of their main arguments.
ARGUMENT and EVIDENCE ROUNDS: 5-7 minutes per team
Each team (up to 4) has the opportunity to present their three main arguments and supporting evidence, followed by an opportunity for other teams to challenge, and concludes with a rebuttal. There will be as many rounds as there are teams.
1. The team presents its 3 main arguments and supporting evidence (2-3 minutes).
2. Opportunity to challenge*: Other groups ask any clarifying questions or challenge the presented arguments (1 minute).
*Students may challenge only once per round, to encourage as many students to participate in the activity as possible.
3. Rebuttal: The presenting team has the opportunity to defend its position and clarify arguments (2-3 minutes).
CONCLUDING STATEMENTS: 2 minutes per team
Each team (up to 4) has a final opportunity to argue for their position. The closing statement should recap the team’s position and argument, while answering any lingering questions that were not answered during the rebuttal. As the last statement of their position, speakers should be persuasive and confident.

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