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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AP Art & Drawing: Young Arts

I mentioned the YoungArts competition in class last month but I wanted to remind everyone in AP Art and drawing class that the applications are due this week!  Click the link above to apply online.  Alumni are Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award nominees and I've had students win on the national level in the past so make sure you give it a shot!
By applying to the YoungArts program you are eligible for:
  • Up to $10,000 in monetary awards
  • Exclusive U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts nomination
  • Master classes with world-renowned artists
  • Access to scholarships, career opportunities and professional contacts
  • Opportunity for works to be viewed by top artists in their fields
  • All applicants to YoungArts have the opportunity to learn about college programs, scholarships, summer programs and festivals through participation in the YoungArts Student List Service (SLS)
In addition to the great visual art program they also have some terrific writing, dance, and music programs- check out the video below of their "one take" cover of Lorde which teams up student musicians for a timed, improv cover performance in just one take, pretty amazing!

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