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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Media Art: Film Industry Research Project

This week in Media Art we'll be working on our Film Industry Research Project in which each student chooses an aspect of the film and television industry and is given a professional in that are to research.  Each student should create a 5-6 page Powerpoint or digital presentation with a cover and references on their professional which we'll share next week.  Below is the list for this semester:

Adham- George Lucas (writer, producer, special effects)
Alex- Ben Affleck (writer, actor, director)
Thomas- Wes Anderson (writer, director)
Antonio- Martin Sheen (actor)
Matthew D- Conrad Hall (cinematographer)
Michael D- Robert Wise (editor, director, producer)
Jack- Paul Haggis (writer, producer, director)
Caitlin- Meryl Streep (actress)
Alix- James L Brooks (director, producer)
Lauden- Francis Ford Coppola (director, producer)
Jeffrey- Thelma Schoonmaker (editor)
Mason- Alec Guinness (actor)
Alexandria- Christopher Walken (writer, actor, director)
Jessica P- Robert DeNiro (actor, producer)
Samantha P- Danny DeVito (actor, director, producer)
Michael P- Jack Nicholson (writer, actor, director, producer)
Matthew R- Marlon Brando (actor)
Sean- Clint Eastwood (actor, director, producer, composer)
Rachel- Dante Ferretti (art director, production design)
Kristen- Tom Hanks (actor, producer)
Adelina- Robert Redford (actor, director, producer)
Suzanne- Hal Ashby (director, editor)
Zakria- Morgan Freeman (actor, director)
Chris- Dustin Hoffman (actor)
Nikki- Eric Sibley (director, special effects)
Douglas- Brad Bird (writer, director, producer, animator)
Brandon- Daniel Day Lewis (actor)

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