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Friday, June 5, 2015

Advanced Media Art: Film Festivals

In our Media Art and Advanced Media Art classes we are working on our final film projects which are due Tuesday so it's a perfect time to talk about submitting to Film Festivals.

Many film festivals have student categories such as the Lighthouse Film Festival in New Jersey where Max from our Advanced Film class recently entered and will have his film "House of Memory" shown in this weekend.  As a reminder, here are the basic rules for the final project once again
Final Project Basics: The content is up to you as long as it is school appropriate and has the basic structure of a film which we learned in class (if you have a question see me).  The basic time minimums are below: 
Drawn animation- 30 seconds minutes
Pixilation Animation- 1 min minutes
Live Action- 3 minutes
Collaborations- Add time for each class member working on a project
Most festivals have online entry via withoutabox these days so submitting has become mush easier than in the past.  Here are links to a few film festivals and competitions which students have had success with:

Hamptons Film Festival

Young Arts

Long Island Film Expo

there are many festivals with student categories, check out this film festival list for more opportunities!

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