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Friday, October 16, 2015

Drawing: Artist Research Project

In Drawing we are currently working on our Artist Research Project. Each student is assigned an artist and has to create a short presentation on that artist including a photo of the with a short one page biography and 10 large quality images of their work. The presentation can be created on Powerpoint (saved to the public drive) or the new Google Slide (shared to my email) and is due at the beginning of class on Monday.
after the presentations there will be a quiz on the artists and you will create a work of art inspired by one of the artists you learned about for Friday October 23.

  1. Kayla- David Salle
  2. Shannon- David Hockney
  3. Kyle- Retna & Chip Kidd
  4. Anthony- Jason J├Ągel
  5. Joseph- Roa
  6. Mark- Robert Wyland
  7. Alexandra- Tara McPherson
  8. Zainab- Magnus Plessen
  9. Emma- Alex Katz
  10. Samantha- Kara Walker
  11. Andrea- Yayoi Kusama
  12. Nicole- Wayne White
  13. Marissa- George Condo
  14. Arielle- Robert Dash
  15. Samantha- Wendy Macnaughton
  16. Leesa- Swoon
  17. Angelina- Francesco Clemente
  18. Cassandra- Dal On
  19. Kristen- Barry McGee
  20. Amy- Daniel Danger & Raymond Pettibon
  21. Ilysa- Alice Neel
  22. Victoria- Brendan Monroe
  23. Brandon- Tristan Eaton
  24. Leann- Marilyn Minter
  25. Needles- Robert Rauschenberg

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