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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Studio Art- Artist Research Project

In our next project we will be researching artists and creating works inspired by their process.  Below is the master list of artists we'll be covering that you'll need to create presentations for and we'll have a visual and short answer test on them after the presentations.  Due on Monday 2/7.
P1- A title page with a photo, name, and name of your research subject
P2- A short bulleted biography of 10 important facts with sources linked on the bottom of the page
P3-P13 Images of your research subject's major works, 1 per page

Nikitha- Chuck Close
Emily- Keith Haring
Anthony- René Magritte
Sophia- Jeff Koons
Madison- Henri Matisse
Eliana- Ai Weiwei
Nicholas- Paul Klee
Felicity- Barbara Kruger
Audrey- Joan Miró
Brandon- Shepard Fairey
Nicolette- Claude Monet
Peter- Jasper Johns
Justin- Banksy
Andrew- Pablo Picasso
Gabrielle- Marilyn Minter
Sydney- Anish Kapoor
W, Claire- Andy Warhol

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