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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Digital Media: Instagram Update

In Digital Media class we will be working on a long Photography unit which will include mobile photographys so I thought I would share some useful information about some of the changes coming to instagram on the next Instagram Update.  Below is a list which is described in grater detail in the video above and some of these changes are a pretty big deal so make sure you take a look.

1 - Following Status
Check if someone is following you.

2 - Notification Center
Sort your activity by likes, comments, follows or tags.

3 - Groups
Navigate your timeline sorted by interests.

4 - Albums
Organize your photos by albums.

5 - Multiple Accounts
Have more than one account logged in at a time.

6 - Mutual Following
Check who you have in common with someone.

7 - New Icon
Because, you know…

Also feel free to add me @timneedles to be able to submit assignments online or use the hashtag #needlesclass to sgare your work!

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