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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Art Honor Society: The Sketchbook Project

Today the National Art Honor Society will meet to review and prepare for our first field trip of the school year on Friday to the Brooklyn Museum and to plan the last pages of our collaborative Sketchbook Project.

Our Great Doubts and Massive Victories themed sketchbook is nearly complete so just a few more entries need to be finished to submit the book by the December 2015 break.  I've been sharing a few of the entries on social media and the response has been very positive, even from the Sketchbook Gallery itself.

Our field trip Friday marks the first time we'll visit the Brooklyn Museum but in addition to their terrific permanent collection we'll see exhibits from KAWS (image above) who attended SVA with me and two shows featuring Coney Island such as Stephen Powers installation (below).  We'll talk more about what to expect and see at the museum in our meeting!

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