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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Art Honor Society: The Smithtown East Burgerman Mural

I'm thrilled to announce that today we I was awarded the Smithtown Children's Foundation Teachers Grant which will complete our funding for the National Art Honor Society's Smithtown East Mural with artist Jon Burgerman.  I'm so excited that we will be working together on this great project this spring!  Today we will work on planning some of the details and get up to date on the proposals.

Yesterday I presented the mural project with the School Improvement Team to the principal who approved it and was excited to hear about the work we've been doing and the future mural.  We also presented some of the design work we have been doing in class to revitalize the courtyard and make it a more accessible place for students and the school at large.

Tonight I'll be attending the Eighth Annual Kisses for Kaylee & Friends Dinner Dance at The Watermill Inn to accept the grant!

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