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Friday, February 26, 2016

Digital Media: Animation Challenges

In Digital Media Class we will be working on weekly 6 second Animation Challenges using Vine.  For 4 weeks there will be a new challenge to animate each week that students should complete by weeks end.  Each challenge has a theme and some specifics to include and they can all be shared on social media using the hashtag #needlesclass.

We will be learning the basics of how to animate and study Disney's Twelve Basic Principles of Animation while we are in class as well as collaborating on a larger animation project together.

Week 1: The Loop: Create a looping animation that includes sound and has a basic story arch

Week 2: Post-its: Create an animation on post-it notes and film it somewhere untraditional

Week 3: Squash & Stretch: Use the laws of physics to make an animation that compresses then extends while moving

Week 4: Interactive: Create an animation that interacts with something in real life

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