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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Digital Media: Photography

In Digital Media class we are beginning our Photography unit by learning the elements and principals of photography.  The video above by legendary photographer Steve McCurry shows how to incorporate some of this learning into taking pictures and the video we watched with student examples is also linked above.  This month you will be given a photo challenge each week that needs to be completed by Thursday at the start of class and Thursday and Friday will be in the computer lab where we will learn more about editing with Photoshop.  This week's challenge in to incorporate the 12 elements and principals into photographs, photograph each of the following with the exception of the first two which we'll learn more about later.

We will also be learning the terms associated with the DSLR camera which can be found here: B&H website.  We'll be going over these basic terms in class and they'll be on the camera test next week.

The Principles:
  • Emphasis
  • Unity/Variety
  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Movement
  • Rhythm/Repetition
The Elements:
  • Line
  • Shape/Form
  • Space
  • Value
  • Texture/Pattern
  • Color

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