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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

National Art Honor Society: the 10th Biennial Global Mural Conference

The National Art Honor Society will collaborate with students throughout NY State to work paint a mosaic mural for the 10th Biennial Global Mural Conference (GMC).  The GMC will take place in Fairport, NY in September 2016 and the theme is “Preserving Heritage Through Community Art”.  The mosaic mural above from Sherbrooke, Quebec home of the 2014 Global Mural Conference and it gives a glimpse of what to expect.  Our society will ask for 6 student volunteers to paint a 6” square for the mural which already has a baclground that will create a larger image of Erie Canal history in the background.  

Each student will choose a colored tile, and decide what image/scene will add visual texture to the 
under-painting. The topics can be your local heritage, Erie Canal history, Underground Railroad, 
Womens’ Suffrage, Native American culture, flora and fauna or symbols of New York State.

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