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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Studio Art: Artist Trading Cards

This week we are going to learn about and create Artist Trading Cards that will be exchanged with other students from states around the US as well as countries from around the world. The video above shows some ATCs that I created with fellow art teachers around the world this summer as part of a daily art challenge called #TERPart (The Everyday Renaissance Project). Well be participating in the Mini Matisse ATC exchange so you can take a look at some examples of the work done so far as well as some suggestions from the organizer, teacher Nic Hahn. You can see a sample of how many different states participated in the ATC exchange last year on the map below: You can create any kind of art in most any kind of medium (as long as it can be mailed and wont ruin other cards) on the front of the card as long as it's appropriate for all ages (some of our cards might be exchanges with elementary and middle school students) but on the back be sure to include you should write your name, school, location (city, state, & country) and my name (Mr. Needles). Below are a few examples of cards from last years trade:

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