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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Art Honor Society: Artist Trading Card Day

Today in Art Honor Society and AP Art it is finally Artist Trading Card Day!  We received ATCs from around the world from Mini Mattisse's ATC swap. and today we will be sharing them and using the cards we receive for our next project.

Everyone will choose a card without based on the art without looking where it's from to reinterpret in a different medium.  You can use any materials you like and find inspiration in anything about the card ranging from the colors, shapes, subject matter, design, or even the story about the school or town that was shared.  Above is an example from last year's ATC swap from Emily in AP Art who used the colors and design as inspiration for a garment and the example below is from Luke who added some detail and intricacy to the elementary school student's design.

This year we received cards from Thailand, England and all around Italy as well as across the US from states such as Texas, Washington, Georgia, Missouri, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, South Dakota, Tennessee, Indian, and Minnesota.
 The cards we sent out are also starting to turn up around the world and I've received messages from teachers in Tennessee and Texas who have our cards.

Update: We just received messages from more classrooms who have more of our ATCs:

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