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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Creative Mindfulness: Social Emotional Learning and The Arts

I had a terrific experience presenting at the ECET2NJPA Convening this weekend in New Jersey, here's a few resources, links, and reminders that we referenced in the workshop.  Below are a few of the suggestions for ways to stay creative for educators that aren't time consuming.
I share the Calm app and webpage which I like to use in class, it's a great way to begin using meditation in the classroom but you can also just use the calming background and music and guide the meditation like I did in the workshop.  I also shared my 1 Second Everyday video (you can follow the link to my YouTube page to watch it and visit the 1SE webpage to find more information about doing it yourself.  We also watched an amazing clip from Choir! Choir! Choir! so follow the link to learn more about them- I really recommend singing with them if you ever get the chance, it's an amazing experience.  I shared another C!C!C! favorite below so enjoy and continue making film for fun and creativity!

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