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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Studio Art: Street Art Mural Competition

We are going to explore the world of Street Art next in studio art and design a mural for a competition in East Tosa neighborhood of Milwaukee.  

We will begin by learning about a few prominent street artists such as SWOON (pictured above), OBEY, 
and Banksy (pictured below) then explore different themes by looking at work from Miami's Wynwood Walls
as well as local street artists and their creative process. 

Begin by using learn and match to familiarize yourself with the artists on our Quizlet- Studio Art: Street Art.  Then we will see some of their process and history to see how we can design our own mural.  The final designs will have some specific elements that should be included from the Google Classroom and it will be due on Friday May 10.

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