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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Digital Media: Video Games

In Digital Media class this week we will be finishing and completing our Video Game then playing and critiquing all of them.  Below is the rubric we'll use to judge the video games so make sure you have a working link like this example from Alexa (screen shot's above): SCRATCH: Sweet Social Hour.

Using the rubric you'll score the 3 categories each of which have a max of 4pts (12pts would be a perfect score).  For clarification, in the game play the term "hard to play" means clarity not difficulty.

We all learned a great deal about designing characters, animating, and coding video games so now it's time to share the fun!  Below are a few of the student video games that were rated the highest in out BETA testing period so far this year, try them out:

Haunted   Swish or Miss   Zoo Day   Fighter Game   Sweet Social Hour   MrSpring

Because the class enjoyed the project so much we will try collaborating as a class on a video game next quarter to build our skills even further and continue learning about the process!

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